The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction and Urology Las Vegas

Erectile dysfunction may be one of the most frightening ailments a man can face. By its very nature, ED can shatter a man’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and self image, even his very sense of “being a man.” Many men don’t know … Continue reading

Psychological Versus Physiological Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, affected an estimated 18.4 percent of the male population over the age of 20 in the US in 2007, according to statistics from the National Institutes of Health. Approximately $327 million was spent on diagnosis and … Continue reading

How can a urologist help me?

Urology is probably one of the most confusing branches of medicine to the layman. If someone thinks of a urologist at all, they may have a vague association with vasectomies, but urology isn’t like dentistry. What a dentist does is … Continue reading

Do Vasectomies Hurt?

You’ve had all the children you want to, and you know that men continue to produce semen and sperm throughout their lifetime. Charlie Chaplin fathered a child in his seventies! But that’s not you. You want to relax and spend … Continue reading