How can a urologist help me?

Urology is probably one of the most confusing branches of medicine to the layman. If someone thinks of a urologist at all, they may have a vague association with vasectomies, but urology isn’t like dentistry. What a dentist does is relatively clear-cut, and we’re taught from a very young age what to expect at a dentist’s office. Urology tends to be more mysterious, partly because of our cultural sensitivity toward discussing reproductive matters.

Your Las Vegas urologist has been specially trained in matters pertainining to men’s health and reproductive systems. Their training is designed to allow them to help men with an array of reproductive issues, from erectile dysfunction (the inability to obtain or maintain an erection during intercouse) to vasectomies (male sterilization procedures). They can also help diagnose other afflictions and disorders of the male reproductive system, including prostate cancer and urinary incontinence.

Dr. Michael S. Kapland is a urologist specializing in all of these and more. With over twenty-five years of experience in men’s health issues, he specializes in helping men with some of the most delicate and complicated conversations they may ever have in their adult lives. From embarrassing but common ailments like erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence to reproductive control such as vasectomy, Dr. Kapland offers compassionate men’s health care. As a man himself, he understands how uncomfortable conversations relating to men’s reproduction and urological functions can be and knows how to approach these subjects with dignity and consideration.

Urology covers a surprisingly large amount of territory, and many ailments and illnesses first manifest themselves through the male reproductive system. When one considers that the male organs are predominantly external, this is hardly surprising; you’re far more likely to notice a problem sitting out in the open than one tucked away in a corner. Dr. Kapland is a Las Vegas urology doctor who is specifically trained to diagnose and treat these issues, and help you understand how and why things affect your reproductive system the way they do.

Whether you’re having problems with involuntary urination, erectile dysfunction, or you’ve decided you’re at a point in your life where children are no longer a desirable outcome of intercourse, Dr. Kapland can help you. Contact Dr. Kapland for a consultation, whatever your male health concern, and learn how he can help you with cutting edge technology and techniques, dignity, and compassion. When it comes to your health, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Having a urologist you know and trust is an important beginning to a healthier lifestyle.

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