Will a Vasectomy Make it Harder to get an Erection?

couple walking on the beachOften, men are afraid to get a vasectomy for many different reasons. One of the most common concerns has to do with sex after the operation. Some men worry about their performance or whether they will still be able to get an erection after a vasectomy.

Sexual concerns, after a vasectomy, are very common and for good reason. Sex is very enjoyable and you certainly want to be able to perform the way you can without a vasectomy. Here’s a look at a few facts about vasectomies.

Does a Vasectomy Affect Your Sex Drive?

Immediately after the operation, you may not have much of a sex drive, but that is normal. It will return and for most guys this period only lasts a few days or weeks. Usually, once you have fully healed, your sex drive will return.

If you struggle with your sex drive after you have healed, it’s usually a psychological issue, not a physical issue. Sometimes, men have a fear of sex after the operation, especially if it was done recently.

Will You Actually “Shoot Blanks”?

Men often think they will shoot blanks after a vasectomy, but this isn’t true. The amount of a man’s ejaculate won’t change very much at all since only about 3% of it is sperm, originally.

How will Sex Feel After a Vasectomy?

Another thing men worry about after a vasectomy is how sex will feel. For most men, it won’t be much different at all. However, some men will actually see an increase in their sex drive due to not worrying about an unwanted pregnancy. This can cause sex to be less intense because it may become more frequent.

Will You Still be able to get an Erection?

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction after a vasectomy should seek a sex therapist. This is a psychological issue, not a physical one. Most men will have no issue getting an erection after a vasectomy, unless they suffered from ED before the operation.

When it comes to a vasectomy and sex, men have very little to worry about. Once you’ve healed from the operation, you’re sex life can return to normal and there shouldn’t be much change. For most men, if there is a change, it’s caused by a psychological problem, not a physical one.

If you have other questions about how your sex life will be after the vasectomy, contact urologist Michael S Kaplan, a doctor specializing in vasectomies in Las Vegas.

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