Generic Viagra to Hit Shelves Soon?

Generic versions of Viagra are likely in the works – in Canada, at least – after the Canadian Supreme Court ruled against Pfizer Inc.’s patent on the drug. In court, Israeli company Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. appealed against the patent, … Continue reading

Kidney Stones Common During the Holidays: How to Avoid Them

Kidney stones are extremely common during the holiday season. The reason that this problem is so common during the holiday season is because people usually eat a lot of animal protein. Animal protein gets converted to acid before it is … Continue reading

Viagra Used to Combat the Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment

One of the possible side effects of treating prostate cancer with radiation is erectile dysfunction. A recent study evaluated an unlikely prophylactic therapy. Viagra, affectionately known as the “little blue pill,” has proven to be quite effective at improving, and … Continue reading

Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome: Symptoms and Solutions

After having a vasectomy, some men experience post-vasectomy pain syndrome. They often experience pain in the groin on exertion and pain during sexual intercourse. The pain is mostly mild. However, a small number experience severe pain. Unfortunately, this pain could … Continue reading

Birth Control for Men: The Next Big Trend in Contraception?

For years, birth control has been assumed to be the woman’s responsibility. Taking a pill or even weathering an intrauterine device has been thought to be normal and expected, while men aren’t held to any similar responsibility. That may all … Continue reading