3 Ways Your Urologist Wants You to Cut Your Prostate Cancer Risk

Prostate cancer is a serious concern for men, even with regular exercise. Working out doesn’t protect anyone from the disease entirely, although it has been proven to cut the risk by more than 50% in some men. Genetics obviously seem … Continue reading

Could it be Cancer?! How to Tell If you Need to See a Urologist

Photo by: Lori C. Sometimes men are reluctant to consult a specialist, even when they are suffering from discomfort or facing serious symptoms. However, even mild symptoms can sometimes be an indicator of cancer. The following warning signs need to be … Continue reading

New Research Sheds Light on Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer was first officially identified in 1853 and was thought to be a rare disease by early doctors.  Today, prostate cancer is recognized as the most commonly reported cancer for men in the United States, and the second most … Continue reading