Las Vegas Urology Doctors Can Help Inform and Treat Your Urology Problems

Urology problems can be found embarrassing to many who face them. They do not want to admit that their problems couldn’t be related to urology or sexual issues. Many people try to deny their symptoms even though they know seeing a doctor is the right and smart thing to do. If you are having urology issues, there is no reason to be embarrassed. Michael Kaplan is a doctor who specializes in Las Vegas urology. He is a doctor that can be trusted and someone who you should never be embarrassed around. Many men and women each year face some type of urology problem. These problems can come from a number of different causes.

  1. Aging is a main cause of many urology problems. As you get older the kidneys can weaken and change in structure which causes them to lose some of their original function. Aging also causes muscles in the urethra, urinary tract and other areas to lose their elasticity which can lead to Las Vegas urology problems.
  2. Other illnesses can often cause urology problems. There are various ailments and illnesses that can lead to the kidneys not being able to do their original job. This can be due to the actual illness or the medication to treat the original illness.
  3. Injuries to the stomach from accidents or other causes can also lead to urology problems. Accidents cannot be prevented most of the time  and it is important to get these injuries treated.
  4. Diabetes is also a main cause of sexual incapability in urology.

Michael Kaplan is a Las Vegas urologist who has experience in diagnosing and treating these ailments. Whether you are experiencing symptoms due to aging, illnesses such as diabetes, injury or other reasons he can help make you comfortable about discussing the symptoms and help treat and diagnose the problem.

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