6 Signs That Tell You When to See a Urologist

For reasons unknown, men are far less likely to see a doctor than women. In fact, men are 70 percent less likely to seek professional medical care. Many men would say that they are even less likely to see a urologist when a urological problem arises. However, there are some issues that absolutely require the attention of an experienced urologist. These are the top 6 reasons you should see a urologist – not a primary care physician, a urologist.

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1. Testicular pain or lumps

Any pain or masses, nodules, or firmness in the testicles warrant a visit to a urologist ASAP. While it’s possible that they could be harmless, they are also the major symptoms of testicular cancer. If it’s caught early, treatment of testicular cancer has one of the highest success rates compared to other cancers, and your urologist is the most likely person to catch the diagnoses early on.

2. Blood in your urine

Blood in your urine can be a sign of bladder or kidney cancer, or a bladder or urinary tract infection. Whatever the cause, it’s not one of those things that will “go away on its own,” so call your urologist right away.

3. An abnormal prostate exam

Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death in men over the age of 50, and it’s most frequently diagnosed after an abnormal prostate exam. The success rate for treatments is high if the cancer is caught early though, so be sure to check in with your urologist.

4. Infertility

In most cases, infertility is not caused by anything life-threatening, but in a small number of cases it can be caused by testicular cancer. Most primary care doctors don’t look for this as a possible cause, and it’s rare for it to be detected at fertility clinics, so it’s best to get checked out by a urologist just in case.

5. Elevated PSA

Elevated PSA levels can be a red flag for prostate cancer. Even if your PSA levels are still within the normal range, if your numbers are getting higher, you should get it checked out.

6. Any kidney abnormality

Kidney abnormalities found on an x-ray should be evaluated immediately by a urologist. Primary care doctors often biopsy any abnormalities, but kidneys require special attention because sometimes a biopsy can do more harm than good. Urologists have more experience dealing with kidney problems, so it’s especially important that you seek advice from a urologist.

While men may be reluctant to seek medical attention, it’s important that you see a urologist as soon as possible if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms. To learn more about men’s health, or to find Las Vegas urology care, contact the office of Dr. Michael S. Kaplan at (702) 454-6226 to schedule a consultation today.

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