Vasectomies are on the Decline: Are Men Being Selfish? Or is it Something Else?

The NHS Information Centre and Hospital Episode Statistics recently released information that there has been a 60 percent drop in vasectomy procedures over the last 10 years.

conserve energy, have a vasectomy.

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Experts speculate that men may be reluctant to undergo this procedure just in case their current relationship ends, and they want to start a new family in the future.

Another factor possibly influencing these statistics is the growing trend for couples to have children later in life. Men may question undergoing a vasectomy if their partner is set to go through menopause in the near future.

The troublesome side of this statistic is that women are being left with the largest part of responsibility to prevent pregnancy. Some women may fear the purported link of oral contraceptives with higher cancer rates, and female tubal ligation is a much riskier procedure compared to a vasectomy.

Perhaps the new trend simply shows a higher level of sexual education, and reflects couples choosing to wait before having children. Whatever the case, the trend is likely to have a number of implications on society as a whole.

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