Treat Unrinary Incontinence In Las Vegas

The inability to control your bladder is painful, uncomfortable, and, sadly, it is embarrassing.  While most everyone has experienced some sort of bladder infection before, the issue is still not one of many conversations.

Bladder infections are simply inflammations of the bladder.  They occur more frequently among women, but many men experience them as well.  Most commonly, bladder infections are caused by bacteria, which have entered the urinary tract.  Women are more susceptible to contracting a urinary tract infection during sexual intercourse because the vaginal area is more exposed to bacteria.  If bladder infections are not treated effectively and immediately, they can become a serious health issue.

Based in the Las Vegas area, Dr. Michael S. Kaplan is an urologist who has been recognized as “Top Doctor” by the Las Vegas Magazine.  Not only does Dr. Kaplan specialize in treatments for urinary incontinence, but he also treats patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, or pelvic organ prolapse.  What Dr. Kaplan is also known for is his “no needle, no scalpel” vasectomy Las Vegas, a painless, quick procedure leaving patients with the ability to resume exercise and sexual activity just within five days of the surgery. Dr. Kaplan, Las Vegas ED doctor, can also help you return to your formal self, so to speak.

There is no need to be embarrassed or ashamed of a bladder infection.  If anything, contacting a doctor and receiving medical treatment should be done immediately to protect your health.  Dr. Michael S. Kaplan is, without a doubt, an expert in this field and is among the top urologists in Las Vegas.  For more information on his practice, visit

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