Did You Know You Could Get a Tax Deduction For a Vasectomy?

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Most people know that you can get a tax deduction for having a child, but did you know you can also get a deduction for having a vasectomy? Well, you can!

The IRS allows people to claim an exemption for medical expenses that prevent or mitigate a disease, illness or medical condition. According to the IRS, pregnancy is officially considered a medical condition, thereby making vasectomy expenses (as well as any other forms of birth control) eligible as write offs. Curiously, reversing a vasectomy is also eligible for a deduction, as are fertility treatments.

If you’ve been hesitant about getting a vasectomy due to financial concerns, now may be the best time to make your move. To find a Las Vegas vasectomy doctor, contact Dr. Michael S. Kaplan at (702) 454-6226 for a free consultation.

Would a tax deduction change your decision about getting a vasectomy? Share your response below.


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