Study Finds One Strip of Bacon Per Day Can Lower Fertility

Love bacon? Unfortunately, we have some bad news: according to a new study, as little as one strip of bacon per day could be damaging your fertility.

bacon on a fork

In a recent study conducted by Harvard University, the dietary habits of 156 couples who were having trouble conceiving were analyzed. Researchers found that men who regularly ate processed meats such as bacon, hamburgers, and sausages had sperm counts that were up to 30% lower than men who did not consume these foods frequently. In addition, the sperm quality of the men who consumed more processed meats was lower than that of the men who did not.

Since very few studies have examined the link between processed foods and fertility, it’s not yet clear why they have a negative effect on men’s sperm count and sperm quality. However, we already know that high processed food consumption is linked to a wide range of other health problems like high blood pressure and kidney stones, so the possible link between processed foods and male fertility is perhaps not too surprising.

So if you can’t eat bacon, what other alternatives are there? Eating white fish such as cod at least 2-3 times per week may help boost your fertility. In addition, oily fish such as salmon are known to be extremely beneficial for your overall health, which could also translated to increased fertility. Adequate servings of fruits and vegetables can also help increase sperm count as well.

white fish and vegetables

The takehome message? Try to limit your processed meat intake and maintain a balanced diet. Indulging once in a while is ok, but moderation is key. To learn more about male urological health, contact Dr. Michael S. Kaplan at (702) 454-6226 today.

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