Sometimes People Change Their Mind, Michael Kaplan Offers Vasectomy Reversal Las Vegas

With today’s science, doctors and scientists are able to achieve medical miracles; however, we have yet been able to achieve 100% effectiveness in medical treatments. Even with DNA identification, evidence that is accepted by our judicial systems, there is still a slight chance of error – a very slight chance. Scientists have found that out of 60 million people, 12 had similar DNA strands that would match the profile. But, with such a small chance of error, scientists pragmatically consider these scientific procedures as “accurate as they can be.”

There has even been a case where an innocent man’s DNA was found at a crime scene and from the DNA evidence alone he was considered guilty of the crime. It wasn’t until later on that police officials found another man with the same DNA who they were able to pin at the scene at the time of the crime. The innocent man was eventually released and the one who was guilty took his place in prison. When it comes to vasectomies, vasectomy reversal Las Vegas specialists, or urologists, also consider vasectomies as an effective and permanent procedure even though very few can still conceive after receiving a vasectomy and a vasectomy reversal is possible.

Urologists will never say that a vasectomy will completely eliminate any chance of conception and they will even state that patients should still wear condoms to protect not only from conception but from sexually transmitted diseases as well. Also, urologists will consider vasectomies permanent procedures because they want the people who wish to receive a vasectomy to know that if they decide to change their minds after the fact that a vasectomy reversal is not always possible – vasectomy reversals are 50%-70% effective.

A vasectomy procedure consists of the urologist severing the vans deferens, the tube or canal in which the sperm travels to exit the penis. By severing the vans deferens and cauterizing the open ends or sealing them shut, one would be led to believe that there is no possible way for conception. However, although a vasectomy is more than 99% effective, there is always that slight chance for conception. The reason is because the human body has the miraculous ability of repairing itself. What the vans deferens will sometimes do after being severed and cauterized is grow tiny microscopic ventricles that will connect one end of the vans deferens to the other. Through these tiny ventricles, sperm can actually squeeze themselves through and exit the penis. This is a very rare case, but because this is possible, a Las Vegas vasectomy procedure can still only boast a 99+% rate of effectiveness.

Another thing one can also do to avoid conception is to where a condom during sex even after receiving a vasectomy operation and many urologists will still recommend this. An operation like the no needle no scalpel vasectomy is highly effective, but not perfect. If you are not looking to conceive a child you will take all the precautionary measures possible and although nothing is absolute when it comes to scientific practice, the most reasonable thing to do is to decrease or increase the risks involved.

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