Could Your Bicycle Seat Be the Cause of Your ED?

Many men take up cycling as a way to improve their cardiovascular health. If you’re one of them, you may be noticing an unintended side effect: erectile dysfunction.

cyclist in motion

Problems can arise because of the pressure traditional bike saddles put on your groin. 25-40% of your body’s weight is placed on the nerves and blood vessels in this area, potentially leading to issues with blood flow and sensation.

A study on the effects of bike riding found that within minutes, the blood oxygen levels in the groin and genitals decreased by up to 80%. It’s not just men having these issues, either.

Another study on female cyclists found that more than 60% of women using traditional bike seats experienced genital pain and were found to have lower levels of sensation than a control group.

So what’s a man to do? If you don’t want to give up cycling, you could try switching over to a new, no-nose bike seat so that your weight is carried on your sit bones instead of your genitals. And of course, if you’d like additional help with your ED, call the best Las Vegas urology clinic today at (702) 454-6226 to schedule a consultation.

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